The actual story starts about 12 years ago, when the founder of wasn’t even going to the gym yet. Instead, he was playing soccer. After destroying numerous of fancy shoes on the soccer field he decided to leave the fancy shoes behind and go back to the basics: black leather Adidas soccer shoes, timeless design and indestructible. More than 10 years later, he decided to use the same concepts for his own brand, simple timeless designs with the focus on quality: gym gear made to last. Only few other companies in the gym industry aim for these values, and when they do, the product price and shipment cost increases.

Therefore,  was founded with the aim to produce high quality products at a reasonable price, and free shipment (or low shipment cost for orders lower than €25) to Belgium and the Netherlands. In the future we hope to keep increasing our products range, and to convince our customers about the quality we aim te bring. We already got a lot of positive feedback from our customers so far, and we are very thankful for all the support we get!

By Lifters, for lifters. All our products our designed, developed and tested by people from the fitness industry. Before the products are available in store, they are tested for a period of at least one month to ensure quality. Durable materials are used (such as real leather for our lifting belts) to make sure they last a lifetime. 

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Address: Onderbergen 33, 9000 Gent, Belgium

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VAT number: BE 0679.557.848

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Phone number: +32 496 03 98 82

Please use this phone number only for urgent questions, all other questions can be send by mail. We aim to respond within 12 hours.